Global heroes’ combat. Exquisite visuals. High-value hero cards that are NFT but also art.
屬於全球英雄的戰鬥,具有精緻的視覺效果。 高價值的英雄卡牌不僅是NFT,更是值得收藏的藝術品。
Each hero card (NFT) has a certain amount of $HEROES staked, which sets the bottom value of each NFT card. DeHero is the first to activate NFT, redefining the value of NFT.
每張英雄卡牌(NFT)都質押了一定數量的$HEROES,為每張NFT卡提供了基礎價值。 DeHero首次啟動並重新定義了NFT的價值。
Enjoy the high profits from pool mining as well as the traditional game-like smooth gameplay. Card-Collectibles, LP, and Equipment Mining Pool are all available for you to choose freely.
卡牌收集、流動性挖礦以及裝備礦池供您自由選擇。 讓您一邊在遊戲裏享受傳統遊戲般的流暢體驗,一邊通過挖礦獲得高收益。

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The framework for accessing blockchain games is upgraded to support an extensive access to Card-type chain games. The framework is officially released in 2022 Q2. Meanwhile, the release of many already accessed Card Game-type blockchain games version 1.0 is officially completed as well.
Based on light application scenarios, a multi-chain interconnection function is added.
At the same time, the NFT rental protocol is completed in 2022 Q1. NFT asset holders can lease NFT to other users through a lease agreement, allowing more people to experience the fun of Play to Earn.
The equipment system is launched.
A universal framework for seamless access to Card Game-type blockchain games is launched. The first Card Game-type blockchain game is accessible in 2021 Q4.
Based on the existing GameFi, various light application scenarios have been added to the issued NFT. The card packs Shop, Card-collectibles Mining, Marketplace, and Heroes Lottery have been deployed. Card battles and equipment systems are to be launched soon.
升級鏈遊接入的標準,支持卡牌類鏈遊廣泛地接入。 該標準將於本季度正式發佈。 與此同時,已接入的多個卡牌類鏈遊1.0版本也將正式上線。
本季度將發佈租賃協定。 NFT資產持有者可以通過租賃協定將NFT租賃給其他用戶,讓更多人體驗邊玩邊賺的樂趣。
建立遊戲接入的標準,支持卡牌類鏈遊可以無縫接入。 本季度將接入首個卡牌類鏈遊。
在現有GameFi的基礎上,為已發行的NFT新增各種輕應用場景。 已經上線的應用場景有卡包商店、集卡挖礦、交易市場、英雄大樂透; 競爭系統、裝備系統等也即將上線。
DeHero will continue to add application scenarios for NFT based on the existing GameFi. At this point, the NFT holders in Dehero are the core asset holders of the project. More roles and division of labor will be coming about with the expansion of DeHero's application scenarios, gradually forming a new GameFi v2.0 paradigm.
DeHero將在現有GameFi的基礎上,持續為NFT新增應用場景。 此時DeHero中的NFT持有者,都是項目核心資產持有者。 隨著DeHero應用場景的拓展,更多角色和分工會應運而生,逐步形成新的GameFi v2. 0範式。
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